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Digital Azaan Clock

Set Once and Forget Automatic Azaan Clock. 
Modern and reliable azaan clock with  advanced features, but easy to use. Just set the current time and date and select your nearest city from the included preset list and your clock is set.

The clock will automatically adjust to the changing times of the five prayers.

Feature List:

Complete azan for all prayers, Alarm adjusted automatically everyday, Daily alarm (weekends optional), Qibla direction (relative to North), Hijri and Gregorian calendars, Temperature, Full screen light, Crescendo alarm, Daylight saving time option, Snooze option and Compass.

If you require further configurability, there are many fine-tuning options: Set Azaan According to Local Taqween, University of Islamic Sciences, ISNA, Fajar Time is calculated 1:30 hours before Shurooq and Isha 1:30hrs after Maghrib

Azaan time can be adjusted any number of minutes forward or backward by a fixed number of minutes

Azan Clock HA-3007 Features

Complete azan for all prayers
Azan times (1150 cities world-wide)
Fajr Alarm, re-adjusted automatically
Qibla direction relative to North
Hijri and Gregorian calendars
Daylight saving time option
External Speakers can be attached using standard headphones jack.

Azan clocks can either be run on batteries or a 6v mains adaptor which will have to be bought seperatly









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Azan Clock with Compass

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Azan Clock

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